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RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbBody Class Reference

Vortex base body class. More...

#include <RbBody.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RbBody ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~RbBody ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void Physics_ChildBodyAdded (RigidBody *lpChild)
virtual void Physics_ChildBodyRemoved (bool bHasStaticJoint)
virtual void Physics_ContactSensorAdded (ContactSensor *lpSensor)
virtual void Physics_ContactSensorRemoved ()
virtual void Physics_DeleteStickyLock ()
virtual void Physics_FluidDataChanged ()
virtual float Physics_GetDensity ()
virtual float Physics_GetMass ()
virtual bool Physics_HasCollisionGeometry ()
virtual void Physics_ResizeSelectedReceptiveFieldVertex ()
virtual void Physics_SetCenterOfMass (float fltTx, float fltTy, float fltTz)
virtual void Physics_SetDensity (float fltVal)
virtual void Physics_SetFreeze (bool bVal)
virtual void Physics_SetMass (float fltVal)
virtual void Physics_SetMaterialID (std::string strID)
virtual void Physics_SetVelocityDamping (float fltLinear, float fltAngular)
virtual void Physics_StepHydrodynamicSimulation ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateNode ()
virtual void Physics_WakeDynamics ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbMovableItem
virtual void CreateItem ()
virtual RbSimulatorGetRbSimulator ()
virtual void Physics_AfterResetSimulation ()
virtual bool Physics_CalculateLocalPosForWorldPos (float fltWorldX, float fltWorldY, float fltWorldZ, CStdFPoint &vLocalPos)
virtual void Physics_CollectData ()
virtual void Physics_CollectExtraData ()
virtual BoundingBox Physics_GetBoundingBox ()
virtual float Physics_GetBoundingRadius ()
virtual float * Physics_GetDataPointer (const std::string &strDataType)
virtual std::string Physics_GetLocalTransformMatrixString ()
virtual std::string Physics_ID ()
virtual void Physics_LoadLocalTransformMatrix (CStdXml &oXml)
virtual void Physics_OrientNewPart (float fltXPos, float fltYPos, float fltZPos, float fltXNorm, float fltYNorm, float fltZNorm)
virtual void Physics_PositionChanged ()
virtual void Physics_ResetGraphicsAndPhysics ()
virtual void Physics_ResetSimulation ()
virtual void Physics_Resize (void)
virtual void Physics_ResizeDragHandler (float fltRadius)
virtual void Physics_RotationChanged ()
virtual void Physics_SaveLocalTransformMatrix (CStdXml &oXml)
virtual void Physics_Selected (bool bValue, bool bSelectMultiple)
virtual void Physics_SelectedVertex (float fltXPos, float fltYPos, float fltZPos)
virtual void Physics_SetChild (MovableItem *lpParent)
virtual void Physics_SetColor ()
virtual void Physics_SetParent (MovableItem *lpParent)
virtual void Physics_TextureChanged ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateAbsolutePosition ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateMatrix ()
virtual RbMovableItemRbParent ()
virtual void SetAlpha ()
virtual void SetVisible (bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AnimatSim::Environment::IPhysicsMovableItem
virtual void Physics_SetChild (MovableItem *lpChild)=0
virtual void Physics_SetParent (MovableItem *lpParent)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from AnimatSim::Environment::IPhysicsBody
virtual void Physics_AddBodyForceAtLocalPos (float fltPx, float fltPy, float fltPz, float fltFx, float fltFy, float fltFz, bool bScaleUnits)=0
virtual void Physics_AddBodyForceAtWorldPos (float fltPx, float fltPy, float fltPz, float fltFx, float fltFy, float fltFz, bool bScaleUnits)=0
virtual void Physics_AddBodyTorque (float fltTx, float fltTy, float fltTz, bool bScaleUnits)=0
virtual void Physics_ChildBodyAdded (RigidBody *lpChild)=0
virtual void Physics_ContactSensorAdded (ContactSensor *lpSensor)=0
virtual void Physics_DisableCollision (RigidBody *lpBody)=0
virtual void Physics_EnableCollision (RigidBody *lpBody)=0
virtual CStdFPoint Physics_GetVelocityAtPoint (float x, float y, float z)=0
virtual bool Physics_IsDefined ()=0
virtual bool Physics_IsGeometryDefined ()=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetThisPointers ()

Protected Attributes

BodyPart * m_lpThisBP
- Protected Attributes inherited from RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbMovableItem
float m_fltReportNull
 Used to report back nulls.
AnimatBase * m_lpThisAB
MovableItem * m_lpThisMI

Detailed Description

Vortex base body class.

This is a base, secondary derived class for all body part objects within animatlab. It is derived from VsMovableItem, which contains all of the base OSG graphics manipulation code. It is also derived from IPhysicsBody, which has the methods specifically required by the body part classes.


Definition at line 18 of file RbBody.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbBody::RbBody ( )

Default constructor.


Definition at line 19 of file RbBody.cpp.

RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbBody::~RbBody ( )



Definition at line 29 of file RbBody.cpp.

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