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RoboticsAnimatSim::Environment::RbMovableItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual void CreateItem ()
virtual RbSimulatorGetRbSimulator ()
virtual void Physics_AfterResetSimulation ()
virtual bool Physics_CalculateLocalPosForWorldPos (float fltWorldX, float fltWorldY, float fltWorldZ, CStdFPoint &vLocalPos)
virtual void Physics_CollectData ()
virtual void Physics_CollectExtraData ()
virtual BoundingBox Physics_GetBoundingBox ()
virtual float Physics_GetBoundingRadius ()
virtual float * Physics_GetDataPointer (const std::string &strDataType)
virtual std::string Physics_GetLocalTransformMatrixString ()
virtual std::string Physics_ID ()
virtual void Physics_LoadLocalTransformMatrix (CStdXml &oXml)
virtual void Physics_OrientNewPart (float fltXPos, float fltYPos, float fltZPos, float fltXNorm, float fltYNorm, float fltZNorm)
virtual void Physics_PositionChanged ()
virtual void Physics_ResetGraphicsAndPhysics ()
virtual void Physics_ResetSimulation ()
virtual void Physics_Resize (void)
virtual void Physics_ResizeDragHandler (float fltRadius)
virtual void Physics_RotationChanged ()
virtual void Physics_SaveLocalTransformMatrix (CStdXml &oXml)
virtual void Physics_Selected (bool bValue, bool bSelectMultiple)
virtual void Physics_SelectedVertex (float fltXPos, float fltYPos, float fltZPos)
virtual void Physics_SetChild (MovableItem *lpParent)
virtual void Physics_SetColor ()
virtual void Physics_SetParent (MovableItem *lpParent)
virtual void Physics_TextureChanged ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateAbsolutePosition ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateMatrix ()
virtual RbMovableItemRbParent ()
virtual void SetAlpha ()
virtual void SetVisible (bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AnimatSim::Environment::IPhysicsMovableItem
virtual void Physics_SetChild (MovableItem *lpChild)=0
virtual void Physics_SetParent (MovableItem *lpParent)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetThisPointers ()

Protected Attributes

float m_fltReportNull
 Used to report back nulls.
AnimatBase * m_lpThisAB
MovableItem * m_lpThisMI

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file RbMovableItem.h.

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