Data Column

Data Column Description

Having a system that can do detailed simulations is great, but without the ability to analyze what is happening then its really no more than a sophisticated game. To do serious research into biomechanics or robotics the user needs to be able to view any data in the system over time to see how it changes. The line chart gives users this ability. They can select data items from any part in the system and repeatedly collect and display the value of that item throughout a simulation. Each chart can have up to six axis's and each axis can have an unlimited number of data columns. A data column keeps track of a variable from some component in the simulation.
The line chart is composed of a main charting window, and it has a hierarchy bar that lists all of the parts for this chart in a treeview format. There is also a properties section that lists the properties for any selected item. Below is a list of each these parts along with a description. You can also click on any part of the image in figure 1 to directly jump to a description.

Data Column Properties

Data Type
This is the actual data that will be collected from the selected item. For example, if you selected a neuron it can have numerous types of data within it that you may want to look at. This includes things like the membrane voltage, intrinsic current, synaptic current, etc.. This property specifies which of the available data items within the object you want to look at. The list of possible items changes depending on which item you have selected.

Item Name
This is a read-only property that tells you which object you have selected for this data item.

Line Color
This sets the color of this line.
Default value: Automatically rotated as you add items.
Acceptable range: Any Color

Line Type
Sets the type and thickness of the line.
Default value: DropShadow
Acceptable values:
ThinSolid Thin Solid Line
Dash Dashed Line
Dot Dot Line
DashDot Dash Dot Line
DashDotDot Dash Dot Dot Line
MediumSolid Medium Solid Line
ThickSolid Thick Solid Line
MediumThinSolid Medium Thin Solid Line
MediumThickSolid Medium Thick Solid Line
ExtraThickSolid mSolid Extra Thick Solid Line

This is the text name for this data item. This is the name that is shown in the legend for this item. Default value: Uses the name of the selected item
Acceptable range: Any String