Stimuli Tutorials

1. Adding Current Stimuli. (7 MB, 5 Minutes)
Describes the different types of current stimuli that can be injected into neurons and how to configure them.
2. Enabler Stimulus. (5 MB, 3 Minutes)
This stimulus can be used to enable or disable different parts in the simulation. This includes things like motors, muscles, and springs. This tutorial describes how to use this stimulus.
3. Force Stimulus. (10 MB, 8 Minutes)
Describes how to add forces and torques to body parts.
4. Motor Velocity. (5 MB, 4 Minutes)
Demonstrates how to use a stimulus that can move a motorized joint.
5. Position Clamp. (17 MB, 13 Minutes)
Demonstrates how to use a position clamp stimulus that allows you to measure the force requried to maintain a joint at a specific location.
6. Property Control. (19 MB, 14 Minutes)
Demonstrates how to use a property control node and a property control stimulus. These items allow you to control any property for any object within the simulation using either a stimulus or the neural network.