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BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlLine Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual void AfterResetSimulation ()
virtual void CreateParts ()
virtual void Initialize ()
virtual void ResetSimulation ()
virtual void SetupGraphics ()
virtual void StepSimulation (float fltTension)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlRigidBody
btCollisionShape * CollisionShape ()
btCompoundShape * CompoundShape ()
virtual BlSimulatorGetBlSimulator ()
virtual osg::Matrix GetPhysicsWorldMatrix ()
BlMaterialTypeMaterial ()
virtual void MaterialTypeModified ()
osgbDynamics::MotionState * MotionState ()
virtual bool NeedCollision (BlRigidBody *lpTest)
btRigidBody * Part ()
virtual void Physics_AddBodyForceAtLocalPos (float fltPx, float fltPy, float fltPz, float fltFx, float fltFy, float fltFz, bool bScaleUnits)
virtual void Physics_AddBodyForceAtWorldPos (float fltPx, float fltPy, float fltPz, float fltFx, float fltFy, float fltFz, bool bScaleUnits)
virtual void Physics_AddBodyTorque (float fltTx, float fltTy, float fltTz, bool bScaleUnits)
virtual void Physics_ChildBodyAdded (RigidBody *lpChild)
virtual void Physics_ChildBodyRemoved (bool bHasStaticJoint)
virtual void Physics_CollectData ()
virtual void Physics_CollectExtraData ()
virtual void Physics_ContactSensorAdded (ContactSensor *lpSensor)
virtual void Physics_ContactSensorRemoved ()
virtual void Physics_DeleteStickyLock ()
virtual void Physics_DisableCollision (RigidBody *lpBody)
virtual void Physics_EnableCollision (RigidBody *lpBody)
virtual void Physics_FluidDataChanged ()
virtual float * Physics_GetDataPointer (const std::string &strDataType)
virtual float Physics_GetDensity ()
virtual float Physics_GetMass ()
virtual CStdFPoint Physics_GetVelocityAtPoint (float x, float y, float z)
virtual bool Physics_HasCollisionGeometry ()
virtual bool Physics_IsDefined ()
virtual bool Physics_IsGeometryDefined ()
virtual void Physics_ResetSimulation ()
virtual void Physics_SetCenterOfMass (float fltTx, float fltTy, float fltTz)
virtual void Physics_SetFreeze (bool bVal)
virtual void Physics_SetMass (float fltVal)
virtual void Physics_SetMaterialID (std::string strID)
virtual void Physics_SetVelocityDamping (float fltLinear, float fltAngular)
virtual void Physics_StepHydrodynamicSimulation ()
virtual void Physics_UpdateNode ()
virtual void Physics_WakeDynamics ()
virtual void SetSurfaceContactCount ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void CreateGraphicsGeometry ()
virtual void CreatePhysicsGeometry ()
virtual void DeleteGraphics ()
virtual void SetCulling ()
virtual void SetTexture (std::string strTexture)
virtual void SetThisPointers ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlRigidBody
virtual btAnimatGeneric6DofConstraintAddDynamicJoint (BlRigidBody *lpParent, BlRigidBody *lpChild)
virtual void AddStaticGeometry (BlRigidBody *lpChild, btCompoundShape *btCompound, const CStdFPoint &vCom)
virtual void CalculateRotatedAreas ()
 Rotates the axis area values by the amount that this part is rotated by. This is used by the hydrodynamics to calculate the drag. To do that we need to know what the surface area is in the direction of movement. We calculate the area for each axis in world coordinates, but the part can be rotated at will, so we need to do the same rotation to find the actual area in world axis coordinates to use. More...
virtual void CalculateVolumeAndAreas ()
virtual void CreateDynamicPart ()
virtual void CreateSensorPart ()
virtual void CreateStaticChildren (const CStdFPoint &vCom)
virtual void CreateStickyLock ()
virtual void DeleteAttachedJointPhysics ()
virtual void DeleteChildPhysics ()
virtual void DeleteCollisionGeometry ()
virtual void DeleteDynamicPart ()
virtual void DeletePhysics (bool bIncludeChildren)
virtual void DeleteSensorPart ()
virtual void GetBaseValues ()
CStdFPoint Physics_GetCurrentPosition ()
virtual void ProcessContacts ()
virtual void RecreateAttachedJointPhysics ()
virtual void RemoveStaticGeometry (BlRigidBody *lpChild, btCompoundShape *btCompound)
virtual void ResetDynamicCollisionGeom ()
virtual void ResetSensorCollisionGeom ()
virtual void ResetStaticCollisionGeom ()
virtual void ResizePhysicsGeometry ()
virtual void SetupOffsetCOM (const CStdFPoint &vCom)
 Changes this body to use a btCompoundShape and adds the btCollision shape offset from -COM. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlRigidBody
CStdPtrArray< BlContactPointm_aryContactPoints
- Protected Attributes inherited from BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlRigidBody
CStdPtrArray< btCollisionShape > m_aryCompoundChildShapes
btCollisionObject * m_btCollisionObject
btCollisionShape * m_btCollisionShape
btCompoundShape * m_btCompoundShape
btRigidBody * m_btPart
btAnimatGeneric6DofConstraint * m_btStickyLock
btAnimatGeneric6DofConstraint * m_btStickyLock2
BroadphaseNativeTypes m_eBodyType
float m_fltBuoyancy
 The buoyancy force applied to this part.
float m_fltReportBuoyancy
 The buoyancy force reported to the GUI.
float m_fltStaticMasses
 The pointer to the material for this body.
osgbDynamics::MotionState * m_osgbMotion
float m_vAngularDragTorque [3]
 This is the drag forces applied to this body.
CStdFPoint m_vArea
float m_vLinearDragForce [3]
 This is the drag forces applied to this body.
CStdFPoint m_vRotatedArea

Detailed Description

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