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BulletAnimatSim::Environment::BlJoint Class Reference

A common class for all joint data specific to vortex. More...

#include <BlJoint.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AxisConstraintSpringEnableChanged (bool bEnabled)
virtual btTypedConstraint * Constraint ()
virtual void DeletePhysics (bool bIncludeChildren)
virtual BlRigidBodyGetBlChild ()
virtual BlRigidBodyGetBlParent ()
virtual btRigidBody * GetBtChild ()
virtual btRigidBody * GetBtParent ()
virtual float GetCurrentBtPosition ()
virtual void GetLimitsFromRelaxations (btVector3 &vLowerLinear, btVector3 &UpperLinear, btVector3 &vLowerAngular, btVector3 &vUpperAngular)
virtual void Physics_CollectData ()
virtual bool Physics_IsDefined ()
virtual void Physics_ResetSimulation ()
virtual void SetConstraintFriction ()
virtual void SetLimitValues ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void CalculateRelativeJointMatrices (btTransform &mtJointRelToParent, btTransform &mtJointRelToChild)
virtual void CalculateRelativeJointMatrices (CStdFPoint vAdditionalRot, btTransform &mtJointRelToParent, btTransform &mtJointRelToChild)
virtual BlSimulatorGetBlSimulator ()
virtual float GetCurrentBtPositionScaled ()
virtual void InitBaseJointPointers (RigidBody *lpParent, RigidBody *lpChild, ConstraintRelaxation **aryRelaxations, int iDisallowSpringIndex)

Protected Attributes

BlConstraintRelaxationm_aryBlRelaxations [6]
 The bullet relaxation for the primary displacement relaxation.
btAnimatGeneric6DofConstraint * m_bt6DofJoint
btRigidBody * m_btChild
btTypedConstraint * m_btJoint
btRigidBody * m_btParent
float m_fltPrevBtJointPos
float m_fltPrevJointPos
btVector3 m_vLowerAngular
btVector3 m_vLowerLinear
btVector3 m_vUpperAngular
btVector3 m_vUpperLinear

Detailed Description

A common class for all joint data specific to vortex.

This is a common class for the joint objects that specifically holds vortex data and methods. The reasoning behind this class is the same as that for the BlRigidBody. Please see that class for an explanation of why this class is needed.
See also
RigidBody, CVsAlJoint

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