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HybridInterfaceGUI.RobotIOControls.Spike2 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Spike2 (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doParent)
override void BuildProperties (ref AnimatGuiCtrls.Controls.PropertyTable propTable)
override AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject Clone (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doParent, bool bCutData, AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doRoot)
override void LoadData (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml)
override void SaveData (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml)
override void SaveSimulationXml (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml, ref DataObject nmParentControl, string strName="")

Protected Member Functions

override void CloneInternal (DataObject doOriginal, bool bCutData, DataObject doRoot)

Protected Attributes

int m_iPortNumber = 3


override string ButtonImageName [get]
override string Description [get, set]
override string ModuleName [get]
override string PartType [get]
virtual int PortNumber [get, set]
override string WorkspaceImageName [get]

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