AnimatLab  2
network_info_s Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

unsigned int D
unsigned int I_setLength
size_t I_setPitch
unsigned int maxSpikesD1
unsigned int maxSpikesD2
unsigned int numGrp
unsigned int numN
unsigned int numNExcPois
unsigned int numNExcReg
unsigned int numNInhPois
unsigned int numNInhReg
unsigned int numNPois
unsigned int numNReg
unsigned int numPostSynapses
uint32_t numProbe
unsigned int postSynCnt
unsigned int preSynCnt
unsigned int preSynLength
bool sim_with_conductances
bool sim_with_fixedwts
bool sim_with_stdp
bool sim_with_stp
size_t STP_Pitch
 numN rounded upwards to the nearest 256 boundary

Detailed Description

Definition at line 325 of file snn.h.

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