AnimatLab  2
group_info2_s Struct Reference

#include <snn.h>

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Public Attributes

float baseFiring
float baseFiringSD
short ConfigId
bool enablePrint
 when we call print state, should the group properties be printed. default is false and we do not want any prints for the current group
float Izh_a
float Izh_a_sd
float Izh_b
float Izh_b_sd
float Izh_c
float Izh_c_sd
float Izh_d
float Izh_d_sd
int maxPostConn
int maxPreConn
string Name
int numPostConn
int numPreConn
int sumPostConn
int sumPreConn

Detailed Description

this group need not be shared with the GPU separate group which has unique properties of neuron in the current group.

Definition at line 483 of file snn.h.

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