AnimatLab  2
AnimatSim::Adapters Namespace Reference

Namespace for the adapter objects. More...


class  Adapter
 Adapter. More...
class  ContactAdapter
 Contact adapter that processes ReceptiveField contacts. More...
class  PropertyControlAdapter


enum  eDelayBufferMode { NoDelayBuffer, DelayBufferInSimOnly, DelayBufferAlwaysOn }

Detailed Description

Namespace for the adapter objects.

Adapters are generalized mechanism that allows items in one module to talk to items in another. For example, It allows a neuron in a firing rate neural module to inject current into an integrate and fire neuron, or to talk to the physics engine.

Enumeration Type Documentation

The delay buffer mode for adapters. This lets the user specify if they want a delay buffer, and if so then should it only be active during the simulation or always?

Definition at line 20 of file Adapter.h.