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OsgAnimatSim::Visualization::OsgCameraManipulator Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 OsgCameraManipulator (Simulator *lpSim, osgViewer::Viewer *osgViewer, osg::Viewport *osgViewport=NULL)
virtual bool handle (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, GUIActionAdapter &us)

Protected Member Functions

bool CanDoMouseSpring ()
osg::Vec3 ConvertMouseTo3D (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, int x, int y, osg::Vec3 vGrabPos)
bool DoMouseSpring (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, float x, float y)
void DoPan (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, float x, float y)
void DoRotate (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, float x, float y)
void DoZoom (const GUIEventAdapter &ea, float x, float y)
void pick (const osgGA::GUIEventAdapter &ea, GUIActionAdapter &aa)
float tb_project_to_sphere (float r, float x, float y)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file OsgCameraManipulator.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool OsgAnimatSim::Visualization::OsgCameraManipulator::handle ( const GUIEventAdapter &  ea,
GUIActionAdapter &  us 

Handle events, return true if handled, false otherwise.

Definition at line 47 of file OsgCameraManipulator.cpp.

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