AnimatLab  2
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7 #pragma once
9 namespace StdUtils
10 {
20 class STD_UTILS_PORT CStdSerialize
21 {
22 protected:
24 public:
25  CStdSerialize();
26  virtual ~CStdSerialize();
28  virtual CStdSerialize *Clone();
29  virtual void Copy(CStdSerialize *lpSource);
30  virtual void Trace(std::ostream &oOs);
31  virtual void Load(CStdXml &oXml);
32  virtual void Save(CStdXml &oXml);
33 };
35 std::ostream STD_UTILS_PORT &operator<<(std::ostream& oOs, CStdSerialize *lpObj);
36 std::ostream STD_UTILS_PORT &operator<<(std::ostream& oOs, CStdIPoint oPoint);
37 std::ostream STD_UTILS_PORT &operator<<(std::ostream& oOs, CStdLPoint oPoint);
38 std::ostream STD_UTILS_PORT &operator<<(std::ostream& oOs, CStdFPoint oPoint);
39 std::ostream STD_UTILS_PORT &operator<<(std::ostream& oOs, CStdDPoint oPoint);
41 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_SavePoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdIPoint &oPoint);
42 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_SavePoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdLPoint &oPoint);
43 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_SavePoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdFPoint &oPoint);
44 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_SavePoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdDPoint &oPoint);
46 bool STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdIPoint &oPoint, bool bThrowError = true);
47 bool STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdLPoint &oPoint, bool bThrowError = true);
48 bool STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdFPoint &oPoint, bool bThrowError = true);
49 bool STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdDPoint &oPoint, bool bThrowError = true);
51 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, int iIndex, CStdIPoint &oPoint);
52 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, int iIndex, CStdLPoint &oPoint);
53 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, int iIndex, CStdFPoint &oPoint);
54 void STD_UTILS_PORT Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, int iIndex, CStdDPoint &oPoint);
56 double STD_UTILS_PORT Std_CalculateDistance(CStdIPoint &ptA, CStdIPoint &ptB);
57 double STD_UTILS_PORT Std_CalculateDistance(CStdLPoint &ptA, CStdLPoint &ptB);
58 double STD_UTILS_PORT Std_CalculateDistance(CStdFPoint &ptA, CStdFPoint &ptB);
59 double STD_UTILS_PORT Std_CalculateDistance(CStdDPoint &ptA, CStdDPoint &ptB);
60 double STD_UTILS_PORT Std_CalculateDistance(float fltX1, float fltY1, float fltZ1, float fltX2, float fltY2, float fltZ2);
62 } //StdUtils
std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &oOs, CStdSerialize *lpObj)
writes to an output stream
A standard xml manipulation class.
Definition: StdXml.h:19
Namespace for the standard utility objects.
Definition: MarkupSTL.cpp:19
bool Std_LoadPoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdIPoint &oPoint, bool bThrowError)
Standard load point.
void Std_SavePoint(CStdXml &oXml, std::string strName, CStdIPoint &oPoint)
Standard save point.
Standard serialize class.
Definition: StdSerialize.h:20
double Std_CalculateDistance(CStdIPoint &ptA, CStdIPoint &ptB)
Calculates the distance between two points.