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VortexAnimatSim::Visualization::VsAutoTransform Class Reference

#include <VsAutoTransform.h>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 VsAutoTransform (const VsAutoTransform &pat, const osg::CopyOp &copyop=osg::CopyOp::SHALLOW_COPY)
virtual void accept (osg::NodeVisitor &nv)
virtual VsAutoTransformasAutoTransform ()
virtual const VsAutoTransformasAutoTransform () const
virtual const char * className () const
virtual osg::Object * clone (const osg::CopyOp &copyop) const
virtual osg::Object * cloneType () const
virtual osg::BoundingSphere computeBound () const
virtual bool computeLocalToWorldMatrix (osg::Matrix &matrix, osg::NodeVisitor *nv) const
virtual bool computeWorldToLocalMatrix (osg::Matrix &matrix, osg::NodeVisitor *nv) const
AutoRotateMode getAutoRotateMode () const
bool getAutoScaleToScreen () const
float getAutoScaleTransitionWidthRatio () const
float getAutoUpdateEyeMovementTolerance ()
double getMaximumScale ()
double getMinimumScale ()
const osg::Vec3d & getPivotPoint ()
const osg::Vec3d & getPosition () const
const osg::Quat & getRotation () const
const osg::Vec3d & getScale ()
virtual bool isSameKindAs (const osg::Object *obj) const
virtual const char * libraryName () const
void setAutoRotateMode (AutoRotateMode mode)
void setAutoScaleToScreen (bool autoScaleToScreen)
void setAutoScaleTransitionWidthRatio (float ratio)
void setAutoUpdateEyeMovementTolerance (float tolerance)
void setMaximumScale (double maximumScale)
void setMinimumScale (double minimumScale)
void setPivotPoint (const osg::Vec3d &pivot)
void setPosition (const osg::Vec3d &pos)
void setRotation (const osg::Quat &quat)
void setScale (double scale)
void setScale (const osg::Vec3d &scale)

Protected Member Functions

void computeMatrix () const

Protected Attributes

AutoRotateMode _autoRotateMode
bool _autoScaleToScreen
double _autoScaleTransitionWidthRatio
double _autoUpdateEyeMovementTolerance
osg::Matrixd _cachedMatrix
bool _firstTimeToInitEyePoint
bool _matrixDirty
double _maximumScale
double _minimumScale
osg::Vec3d _pivotPoint
osg::Vec3d _position
osg::Vec3 _previousEyePoint
osg::Viewport::value_type _previousHeight
osg::Vec3 _previousLocalUp
osg::Vec3d _previousPosition
osg::Matrixd _previousProjection
osg::Viewport::value_type _previousWidth
osg::Quat _rotation
osg::Vec3d _scale

Detailed Description

AutoTransform is a derived form of Transform that automatically scales or rotates to keep its children aligned with screen coordinates.

Definition at line 31 of file VsAutoTransform.h.

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