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RoboticsGUI.RobotIOControls.Firmata.FirmataDynamixelHingeServo Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FirmataDynamixelHingeServo (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doParent)
override AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject Clone (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doParent, bool bCutData, AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doRoot)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RoboticsGUI.RobotIOControls.DynamixelServo
 DynamixelServo (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doParent)
override void BuildProperties (ref AnimatGuiCtrls.Controls.PropertyTable propTable)
override void ClearIsDirty ()
override void LoadData (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml)
override void SaveData (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml)
override void SaveSimulationXml (ManagedAnimatInterfaces.IStdXml oXml, ref AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject nmParentControl, string strName="")

Protected Member Functions

override Type GetLinkedPartDropDownTreeType ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RoboticsGUI.RobotIOControls.DynamixelServo
override void CloneInternal (AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doOriginal, bool bCutData, AnimatGUI.Framework.DataObject doRoot)
override System.Type GetLinkedPartDropDownTreeType ()


override string ButtonImageName [get]
override string Description [get, set]
override string ModuleName [get]
override string PartType [get]
override string WorkspaceImageName [get]
- Properties inherited from RoboticsGUI.RobotIOControls.DynamixelServo
virtual int CCWComplianceMargin [get, set]
virtual int CCWComplianceSlope [get, set]
virtual int CWComplianceMargin [get, set]
virtual int CWComplianceSlope [get, set]
virtual bool IsHinge [get]
virtual float MaxAngle [get, set]
virtual int MaxLoadFP [get, set]
virtual int MaxPosFP [get, set]
virtual int MaxTorque [get, set]
virtual int MaxVelocityFP [get, set]
virtual float MinAngle [get, set]
virtual int MinLoadFP [get, set]
virtual int MinPosFP [get, set]
virtual int MinVelocityFP [get, set]
override string ModuleName [get]
virtual bool QueryMotorData [get, set]
virtual bool ResetToStartPos [get, set]
virtual float RPMPerFPUnit [get, set]
virtual AnimatGUI.Framework.ScaledNumber TranslationRange [get, set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from RoboticsGUI.RobotIOControls.DynamixelServo
bool m_bQueryMotorData = true
bool m_bResetToStartPos = false
 If true then when the simulation starts it will always reset the position of the servo to 0 to begin with. More...
float m_fltMaxAngle = 150
float m_fltMinAngle = -150
float m_fltRPMPerFPUnit = 0.111f
int m_iCCWComplianceMargin = 1
int m_iCCWComplianceSlope = 32
int m_iCWComplianceMargin = 1
int m_iCWComplianceSlope = 32
int m_iMaxLoadFP = 1023
int m_iMaxPosFP = 1023
int m_iMaxTorque = 1023
int m_iMaxVelocityFP = 1023
int m_iMinLoadFP = 0
int m_iMinPosFP = 0
int m_iMinVelocityFP = 1
AnimatGUI.Framework.ScaledNumber m_snTranslationRange

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